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Extremely thorough testing of every single Joventa actuator ensures that customers can always enjoy total reliability under any circumstances. The complete range of actuators extends from 4Nm to 40Nm and is designed to fit any spindle and where necessary can incorporate the SLC system to provide remote supervision of damper actuator functions.

The key features of Joventa Actuators are:

  • Screw terminal connection
  • Load-independant running time
  • Synchronous running in parallel
  • Energy saving in stopped and end positions
  • Adjustable working range
  • Two potential-free auxiliary switches
  • Parallel operation with third-party products
  • Application-specific running times
  • Manual control
  • Control and actuating signal adaption for angle-of-rotation limiting
  • Direction of rotation selectable
  • Degree of protection IP 44 or IP 54 with PG 11
  • The actuators meet CE requirements
  • Customized version available
  • Ratings from 4 Nm to 32 Nm according to application


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